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Welcome to my site dedicated to the history of Winslow Arms Company!  Please email me, winslowrifles@vt.edu for a quicker response.  I get so many spam comments that I cannot check through them all to see the real ones.  Thank you!

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  1. Hi My name is Phil Winslow I have 3 winslow rifles and would like any info that you can pass along
    Phil Winslow
    LaRue Ohio

  2. Great site !! I am trying to sell my Winslow so I will email you Justin and see if we can get it for sale on your website!!

    Thanks again

  3. Winlslow history question – My grandfather, L H Basham, was making custom rifles in Sarasota in the early 1960’s. He had a partner whose name I don’t remember. It was my understanding that they sold some equipment and advice to the Winslow Co when it started up. I remember him going down to the factory building below Sarasota (which is now turvis tumblers). The family still has one of his rifles from that time. My question is, “Is there any information available on his connection to the start of the company?”

  4. I just acquired 2 Winslow rifles that I would like to get an idea of their value,and figure out the best way to go about selling them.

    Rifle#1- 300 Weatherby Mag.,bushmaster stock,commander grade, FN Belgium action. Serial # 19266 ,with Bausch and Lomb 2-8x scope in adjustable mounts.

    Rifle #2 -30-06,Plains Master stock,Regal grade, FN Belgium action ser# 19361
    4x Redfield in Weaver mounts.

    Any info. and advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  5. I have a Winslow Bush-A Commander Grade, in .308 Norma Magnum for sale. Also several boxes of ammo and spent shells. Optics are of the era that it was built, late 60’s, Balfore I believe. Excellent, to very good condition. What’s it worth?

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