Please note that most documents have been lost over the years, and this grading system is based on order receipts, gun magazine ads, and talking to folks who own the guns.  The grade descriptions also seem to vary slightly from year to year.  If you have any information to add, or see an error, please send me an email!


Two grades of stock:

Bushmaster – walnut, 13.5″ length of pull, 3/16″ castoff, white line recoil pad. Lighter weight for bush country. SLender pistol with palm swell. Beavertail forend for light hand comfort.0d52a0b9c12585461f58d72cb04b0f4e[1] de8b00aaff1c94d7dc17ca8716fc0df7[1]

Plainmaster – walnut, 13.5″ length of pull, 3/8″ castoff, white line recoil pad. Pinpoint accuracy in open country with full curl pistol grip and flat forearm. High rollover cheek piece.485a8742b57b3f302b655f84d7bb010e[1] 7d268e76fef3df1478fb275e7d4aa83e[1]


Eight grades of overall rifle:

Commander Grade – Rosewood forearm tip. Features one ivory diamond inlay in a rosewood grip cap. Available in Bushmaster stock only.Commander

Regal Grade – all features in Commander Grade plus ivory and ebony inlay on each side of the magazine box. Ivory engraved trade mark on bottom of forearm, French checkering, jeweled bolt. Available in Bushmaster or Plainsmaster stock.Regal

Regent Grade – all feature in Regal Grade and in addition Oakleaf carving on the forearm and each side of the grip, one ivory and ebony inlay on each side of the magazine.2012-02-25_15-22-43_577[1] 2012-02-25_15-23-41_62[1] 2012-02-25_15-23-51_851[1] 2012-02-25_15-24-17_678[1]

Regimental Grade – In addition to Regent Grade, additions include basket weave carving on both sides of the forearm and each side of pistol grip. Ivory and ebony inlay on each side of buttstock, and one large animal ivory and ebony inlay (silhouette) in buttstock.15826427_1[1]

Crown Grade – In addition to Regimental Grade, but with two eightpoint ivory and ebony inlays.15826425_1[1]

Royal Grade – In addition to Crown Grade, there is carving under the forearm tip, carving on grip cap, carving in front of and in back of cheek piece, and carving on each side of buttstock.FYM2-S-F2-L

Imperial Grade – In addition to Royal Grade, the barrel is engraved from receiver to point eleven inches forward of receiver, engraving on forward and rear receiver ring, engraving on bolt handle and trigger guard, and engraving on scope mounts and rings.088e9a6f032b3a4b031248edacf72dfc[1] 485a8742b57b3f302b655f84d7bb010e[1] 988e5b80c2959b32c4024e296eb2ef8b[1] 1039660a5358d7372e958abf7d8881b7[1]

Emperor Grade – In addition to Imperial Grade, gold raised relief from receiver to point six inches forward of receiver and on tip of barrel.  One animal on each side of front receiver and rear receiver. One animal head on top of each scope ring, bolt handle, and trigger guard.FYM7-S-CU8-L FYM7-S-CU10-L FYM7-S-CU25-L FYM7-S-CU27-L