My name is Justin, from Virginia.  If you are reading this, then hopefully you share a similar passion for these guns.  They definitely had a cult following in the 70s, and now are often being passed down to the next generation to be enjoyed all over again.  I came across my Winslow in a gun store, and was resourceful enough to track down the original owner and get a bit of history on the gun.  Since then, I have researched the internet, sifted through old newspaper articles, contacted the founder’s grandson, and talked to numerous other owners of Winslow Rifles.

I have been fortunate enough to also acquire the last Winslow Rifle that was being put together before the shop closed.  It’s a Sako action and 17 caliber, and just needs a little big of gun smithing to be completed.  As most Sako owners know, Sako Vixen (L461) parts are rare, so finding the few parts needed to complete it has been quite an endeavor.  Hopefully by the end of Summer 2016, some ~35 years after being started by Winslow Arms Co, it can be finished and sending some lead down range :)

Don’t hesitate to send me an email.  I love talking about guns in my spare time and sharing knowledge!   WinslowRifles@vt.edu




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  1. I love your site!
    I purchased one Winslow a few years back and I am always looking for more.
    Not many people appreciate (calling them ugly). I call them a work of art (Picasso).
    Some are perfectly balanced. I would love to see you link to gun broker and other auction sites for up to date information on purchase availability and current prices. I would love to have a download copy of each of the real catalogs.
    It is sad my Weatherby costs more than some Winslows and the Weatherby does not come close to the beauty of a Winslow. I missed an opportunity to close a deal on a plain tiger stock Winslow rifle. I kick myself to this day I did not purchase it.

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